Remember – You’re Blessed When..

You’re blessed when you hit rock bottom. Because then you can rely on God to go to work for you.

You’re blessed when you mourn. That means you feel compassion and empathy for others. You begin to understand that we are all one.

You’re blessed when you are humble and authentic. That is worth way more than fleeting power and material possessions.

You’re blessed when you hunger and thirst after spiritual things instead of worldly things. You will feel full instead of empty.

You’re blessed when you express kindness. You will receive kindness in return.

You’re blessed when you allow God’s presence and goodness to fill your mind, heart and soul. Then you will see God in the outside world.

You are blessed if you live in peace and create peace. Then you will understand what it means to be a child of God. You are fulfilling God’s dream for world peace.

You’re blessed when people make fun of you or ridicule you for my sake. That means you struck a nerve. Well done! Many of my followers have experienced this. You are in good company.

You’re blessed if you are persecuted because of your relationship with God. God knows and sees everything. God will reward you for your faithfulness.

You are the salt of the earth. Salt is useful! It preserves and adds flavor. If you lose your saltiness, your flavor, your passion, your God qualities, you will no longer be useful and effective.

You are the light of the world! Like a city on top of a hill, you can’t be hidden.

If you light a candle, you don’t put it under a basket. No! You put it in a candle holder to light the house.

By shining your light, you are shining the light of God into the lives of others. Shine brightly!

When you hear and do what I’ve just told you, you will be wise and your life’s foundation will be solid and unmovable like a rock. You will weather the storms in life and stand tall.

Now, go! Be blessed and be a blessing! Let your light shine!

Jackie Trottman

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