Come For Two Weeks In December

Community Orientation Course (Two weeks)

Come and join us in West End, Brisbane, Australia for two weeks in December. The course is a two-week, grass-roots, face-to-face, show-and-tell, do-it-and-discuss-it intro to Christ-centred community work. A range of inputs from people involved with aborigines, refugees and people with dis-abilities in the neighbourhood. Most of the time participants live in a joint household, but will be able to stay over night now and then with people in the community. The course includes personal reflection, interpersonal interaction, group process, cooperative organisation, whole-hearted, holistic engagement, cross-cultural dialogue, practical service and nonviolent action. The costs of the course are decided by the participants in a group cost-sharing work-shop, that we run as part of the course. A brochure with upcoming course details can be found at Phone: Di 0412 668 651 or Dave 0401 669 245

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