Love Makes A Way – The Song

Love Makes A Way –
A song celebrating the movement by my friend Peter B
Hi friends,
A few months ago a friend of mine, Francis Kneebone, had an idea for a song that would get Christians thinking about how their faith in Jesus inform their response to refugees, especially the children, fleeing persecution to Australia. With a lot of musical help from Dave Carter, this is the result.
Inspired by the ‪#‎LoveMakesAWay‬ movement, the song was recorded by Aaron Neighbour and Chris Wilson in Brisbane. We pray that the life and teachings of Christ convict all of us to act on behalf on the voiceless, the desperate, the oppressed right here on our shores. Regardless of how they have arrived here, they are beloved children of God.
As we want to make it super easy for worship leaders to learn and teach their congregations, we offer this song to be used freely, complete with lyrics and chart music (thanks to Greg Manning). I’m pretty sure Love has no copyright.
The song on Youtube:

Lyrics online:
One day “we will grieve with those we’ve injured, and follow your commands”. In the meantime, may You empower us to work for change, Jesus.
Let me know if there’s any problems, guys.
Peace & God bless!
Peter B
P.S.- If you haven’t yet, check out Love’s movement for the release of all children from immigration detention here:

Love Makes A Way (Song)
A song inspired by the movement of Christians seeking an end to Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policies through prayer and nonviolent love in action. Thi…

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