At the heart of it.

At the heart of it,
the battle that we fight,
is not a war between religions
but a war between love and hate.

Love cannot defeat hatred with hatred.

If we love us, but hate them, hate wins.
If they love them, but hate us, hate wins.

If the lovers of this world stop loving the haters
and start hating the haters of this world, hate wins.

Love can only triumph over hatred with love.

Only if we love others as we love ourselves, does love win.
Only if we love our enemies as well as our friends, does love win.

Lovers do not win by destroying enemies but destroying the enmity.
And lovers can only destroy the enmity by making enemies friends.

Love resists hatred, but does not react or retaliate against hatred.
Lest, in taking revenge against hatred, love becomes hatred itself.

Love is as love does. In love, from love, for love, do love, true love.
When lovers always accept, respect and protect others, love wins.

Dave Andrews

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