Dave Andrews


Dave, his wife Ange, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities with marginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India for thirty-five years.

Dave is interested in radical spirituality, incarnational community and the dynamics of personal and social transformation. He is author of many books and articles, including 'Christi-Anarchy', 'Not Religion, But Love', 'Building A Better World', ‘Living Community’, and ‘Compassionate Community Work’. Brian McLaren says his latest book ‘Plan Be’ is ‘important’, ‘deserves global attention’ and ‘will be his most-widely read book yet.’

Dave and Ange and their friends started Aashiana, Sahara, and Sharan – three very well-known Christian community organisations working with slum dwellers, sex workers, drug addicts, and people with HIV/AIDS in India; and they are currently a part of the Waiters Union, an inner city Christian community network walking and working alongside Aborigines, refugees and people with disabilities in Australia.

Dave is an educator at large for TEAR Australia, a Christian international aid and development agency; a teacher for the Australian College of Ministries, the University of Queensland, Bible College of Queensland, the Brisbane College of Theology, Malyon College, Forge; and an elder for Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor.

‘When I met Dave Andrews a few years ago, I could feel the fire burning in him. Then I heard him speak. Then I read his books. Ever since, he has been and continues to be a major inspiration for my life and work.’
Brian McLaren, A New Kind Of Christian

‘Dave is a bit of a poster boy for all of us who long to work compassionately and effectively in our communities but don’t really know how to start. He has struggled over many years to live with integrity in solidarity with those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged in his local area. Over time, Dave has learnt a thing or two about taking risks, acting with integrity, persistence, courage, respect and hope. People who live the talk like Dave can be a bit like national parks – although we probably will never go there, we feel good knowing that they exist.’
Lin Hatfield Dodds - National Director, UnitingCare

‘Dave Andrews (is) enigmatic, paradoxical, yet disarmingly honest, an authentic, radical Christian, whose integrity and lived, costly commitment to the God of transforming love, both inspires and disturbs someone like me, who comes across him from time to time and regards him with deep respect. (Dave) takes seriously what it is to be truly human - and tries harder than most to live it.’
David Busch – Broadcaster

‘Dave Andrews is someone who has been captivated by the radical and compassionate Christ (and) has chosen to live out his calling in a very different way. Unlike most Christian leaders, Dave is not a cleric. He is not a leader at the centre of the church’s life. He is a man at the margins. Dave will always carry a certain mystique. He is a charismatic person both at the speaker’s rostrum and face to face. There is an energy that oozes out of him even when he is overworked. My long association with him has convinced me that he is a natural leader with sharp mind as well as a very good community worker who has committed himself to empowering the poor. The fruit of Dave’s life is evident – ministries established, friendships forged, people helped, communities transformed, and workers trained to do likewise.
Charles Ringma - Regent College

‘Dave is a particularly reflective practitioner. (His) constant questioning is sometimes provocative, but there is also a grace and gentleness in the process – a beautiful pastoral quality. And behind it all? A love for the church, but also a longing to see churches, in whatever shape they take, develop as communities where we love God, love one another, and truly love our neighbour.’
Steve Bradbury , Micah Network

‘Dave Andrews is one of my most huggable heroes.  A Christian community worker and writer, and great practitioner of the good news of peace with justice. What set’s Dave apart is the humble, authentic and quiet way he goes about turning the world upside down (or right side up!).’
Jarrod McKenna, Peace Tree

'I like to think of Dave Andrews as a... weirdy, beardy, proverbyally wise-old, kind-old, be-slippered, fire-sided, snoozy, fearless, story-telling, rugged, grand-fatherly tribal-leader.'
Martin Wroe –Greenbelt

'Dave Andrews (is) one of the leading prophetic voices of our time.'
Mike Riddell - Third Way

'Dave Andrews is a prophet who practices what (he) preaches.'
Rowland Croucher - Pastornet

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2. the Spirit is already at work bringing order out of chaos and leading people into the truth in every situation we find ourselves in.

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