Standing for Truth in a Post-Truth world

When: From 9 am till 11.30am, Saturday June 3
Where: House Centre, 69 Thomas St West End
As always there will be tea and coffee available.
Naiara Carillo trained in journalism and is currently working on a PhD, looking at how food is presented in supermarkets in ways that influence our actions. Underlying ideas include how things interact and influence our understandings of the world, and ways we can be more sensitive to the unseen things we automatically believe.
Rob Farago has an engineering degree and has worked on writing software, building the internet and installing renewable energy, sometimes simultaneously.  He is passionate about minimising the impact of climate change, but society’s response to the seemingly clear science has become a political football.  Rob has been thinking through alternative approaches to discussing this contentious issue.
David Fittell has worked in education, including classroom teaching, training teachers, and writing curriculum resources. A challenge in each of these roles has been the notion of ‘truth’ – how do we develop skills to judge the reliability and usefulness of ideas, when we are being swamped by so many of them?
Each of these people will share for 15 mins, followed by Q & A and an opportunity for us to share our own reflections and consider a way forward – how can each of us stand for truth in a post-truth world?

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