Interested In Anabaptist Studies?

Centre For Anabaptist Studies
The core of the Centre is comprised of six modules that, uniquely in the United Kingdom, enable students to complete a course in Anabaptist Studies at Masters’ level. One of these is an introduction to research methodology, which our validating university requires for all MA courses (although this has been adapted for those on the Anabaptist Studies track).

The other five are:
· Anabaptist Origins and Distinctives
· Anabaptist Ecclesiology and Missiology
· Anabaptist Ethics and Hermeneutics
· Pilgram Marpeck
· Menno Simons’ Foundation of Christian Doctrine
The Centre also provides opportunities for Research, Webinars and Annual Lectures. For further information please contact Centre also has a Facebook group and a blog at and

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