Alternatives to Violence Workshops

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Qld. 2022 Workshops

Conflict is a part of daily life….but violence doesn’t have to be.

AVP philosophy is grounded in the belief that there is a power for peace and good in everyone. We believe this power has the ability to transform violence. Come and join us in our workshops and learn how to deal with conflict in new and creative ways.

AVP workshops intersperse experiential learning activities with guided discussions and lots of fun and laughter.

Level 1: Basic Workshop – Feb Sat 19th and Sun 20th

Explores the five pillars of AVP – affirmation, communication, co-operation, community building and transforming power. This is an opportunity to learn more about using these to deepen our relationships with others and find non violent solutions to the conflicts in our lives.

Level 2: Advanced Workshop – Mch Sat 19th and Sun 20th

Open to all who have done Level 1 and builds on the principles of the first workshop. Opportunity for in-depth learning and insight into a topic chosen by the group using consensus decision making. Each level 2 is different, so even if you have done it before you can come and learn more about your own path towards a peaceful future.

Training for Facilitators – May Sat 14th and Sun 15th

Participants who have experienced our workshops and want to deepen their involvement can learn how to facilitate AVP workshops.

In peace, Neil Barringham, Volunteer Training CoordinatorThe Alternatives to Violence Project, QueenslandPO Box 60, Greenslopes Q 4121Email: 0402967951 to Violence Project QueenslandCommunity organisationLike

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