Fragile Democracy, Technocratic Takeover, and Popular Renewal.

The Lumen Christi Institute presentsour new e-newsletterIn LumineThe Lumen Christi Institute Hosts Charles Taylor in an event on Fragile Democracy, Technocratic Takeover, and Popular Renewal.We are experiencing a crisis of democracy more powerful than anything seen in a generation: inequality continues at a galloping pace; policing is increasingly racialized and militarized; political decision-making appears remote and divorced from the lives of ordinary people. Our March 20 panel discussion —including renowned philosopher Charles Taylor—is now available for viewing. The event considered sources and solutions to the present crisis of democracy by drawing on two recent books: Reconstructing Democracy by Charles Taylor, Patrizia Nanz, and Madeleine Beaubien Taylor, and We Built Reality by Jason Blakely. Both works identify within our political and cultural crisis the loss of democratic participation and the rise of top-down technocratic, managerial rule.
The recording of Fragile Democracy: Technocratic Takeover & Popular Renewal is now available for viewing on YouTube HERE.

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