Fight like a Christian

Keith Giles & Jason G. Porterfield

Would early Christians recognize the behavior of today’s Christians? In this episode, Craig is joined by authors Keith Giles and Jason G. Porterfield for a conversation on how the early church understood our affiliations to the state, the poor, and violence. What events and leaders have contributed to the modern Christian’s entanglement and increasing fascination with the state. How do we move through the world with Christ at the center, bearing no flag but carrying our cross, while being thrust into the affairs of the state from infancy? This episode invites us to ask questions of allegiance, based on the premise that following Christ was, and should remain, a radical act, a difficult call to answer. If we are truly citizens in the Kingdom of God, what place does any modern government have in our lives? With Jesus as our compass, we can build the beloved community; our fight is nonviolent and the weapons are spiritual which is why we invite you to be radical, to be a Bad Roman, to show the world what it means to love your enemies, to help the world experience the love of Christ. To learn more about this week’s guests and for full show notes please visit Listen at

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