A Field Guide To Christian Nonviolence

A Field Guide To Christian Nonviolence: Key Thinkers, Activists, And Movements For The Gospel Of Peace
by David C. Cramer, Myles Werntz

BAKER ACADEMIC¬†–¬†Christian nonviolence is not a settled position but a vibrant and living tradition that includes mystics, feminists, liberation theologians, civil rights activists, Niebuhrian realists, and more. This book offers a concise introduction to the variety of recent movements within the broad stream of Christian nonviolence. Since the 1980s, there has been an explosion of writings on Christian nonviolence, yet no work exists to make sense of this plurality or to orient newcomers to the resources available to think faithfully and critically through what it means to be a proponent of Christian nonviolence. This book provides such an introduction for professors, students, scholars, and lay readers. The authors explore the myriad biblical, theological, and practical dimensions of Christian nonviolence as represented by a variety of twentieth- and twenty-first-century thinkers and movements, including previously underrepresented voices. They invite readers to explore the tradition and to discover how they might live out the gospel in our modern world.

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