As Russians engage in another imperialist war many of us are praying that soldiers will disobey their orders to make war on Ukraine.

Surprisingly, in spite of the way some of our politicians still try to co-opt the ANZAC tradition to promote militant ethno-nationalism, these resisters might find inspiration in the example of the often overlooked unheralded ANZAC anti-war soldiers resistance movement.

This program explores ‘the anti-war sentiment among Australian ex-servicemen and women from WW1 to the Gulf War. During WW1 there were 23,000 courts martial of Australian soldiers for desertion or going AWOL. This program sheds light on the many who resisted war however they could, and reveals the determination of certain leaders to continue prosecuting WW1, despite repeated chances to settle for peace.’

Phillip Adams guests include Professor Peter Stanley from UNSW Canberra; Jon Piccini, historian from the ACU, Brisbane and Douglas Newton, former assistant professor of history at Western Sydney University and author of ‘Private Ryan and the Lost Peace: A Defiant Soldier and the Struggle Against the Great War’, published by Longueville Media.,-protestors-and-deserters/13849952?fbclid=IwAR3HZiyQX66ST4boMdgrmzLtaNiHTLls1mc79dc7Sx5GIpuEcDXfN1gFdSI

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