Classic Kid’s Album On Fruit Of Spirit

The Music Machine: (1977) A Musical Adventure Teaching the Fruit of the Spirit to All Ages is a Christian children’s album by Candle. It is set in Agapeland, and teaches children about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It features the characters Stevie and Nancy. It spawned a series of spin-off Music Machine album , books, a video game and Music Machine movies too. Track listing: 00:00 1 “A Land Called Love” 03:59 2 “Music Machine” 05:50 3 “The Whistle Song” 08:22 4 “Smile” 10:42 5 “The String Song” 12:19 6 “Patience (Herbert the Snail)” 15:54 7 “Gentleness” 18:45 8 “Faith” 20:22 9 “Joy” 22:11 10 “Peace” 24:41 11 “Goodness” 26:32 12 “Love” 28:37 13 “Self Control” 30:50 14 “Kindness” 33:25 15 “Reprise” I do not own these songs The Cd is called -Music Machine: The Fruit Of The Spirit You can find the CD here…





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