Managing Interfaith Relations In A Time Of Tension

A Shared Society

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Managing inter-religious relations is more important than ever, especially in a climate of hostility and tension.

Father Markus Solo

Father Markus Solo knows that all too well, as the Vatican’s expert on Catholic-Muslim relations in the Asia Pacific Region.

He talks about the religious violence that occurs in the region, including his homeland of Indonesia, where churches have been targeted by suicide-bombers.

We hear about the inter-religious initiatives undertaken in South Asian countries to combat hostilities after these violent attacks. And, the strong and positive inter-faith friendships he’s observed in Australia.

Then we head to the United States – New York City, more specifically.

Rabbi Bob Kaplan is the Director of the Centre for Community Leadership – a division of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Rabbi Bob Kaplan

He is considered to be a trailblazer in the world of inter-communal relations, and was in Australia recently to promote his concept of ‘a shared society,’ and how to achieve it.

Rabbi Kaplan tells us about community-building efforts that occurred after the Crown Heights race riot in 1991, and the new challenges the city faced after 9/11.

And, we hear why Smokey the Bear of the US Forest Service is the Rabbi’s greatest role model.

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