This is an early recording I decided to release on YouTube for this NAIDOC week (organised by the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee). ‘Sorry’ is my protest song that has been sung at demonstrations to lament the contradictions between the mythology of Australia being a country committed to a ‘fair go’ society and the reality of Australia being a country committed to policies which have continued to perpetrate systematic injustice against ‘Murris’, ‘refugees’ and ‘Iraqis’. It was a recorded in a single take in the basement under St Andrews, Vulture Street, South Brisbane in 2006. I was on lead vocals with Peter Branjerdporn on backing vocals and electric guitar, David Fittell on bass guitar and Paul Young on drums. Andrew Kennedy then added more of his brilliant guitar licks before he mixed the track that was mastered by Matthew Gray. Dave Andrews (Note: ‘Murris’ is a preferred regional term for Indigenous people in South – Central Queensland.)

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