The ‘Radical Bible’ Series

Video Series: Radical Bible!

This letter below is from my friend Wes Howard-Brook introducing his “Radical Bible” series. Wes Howard-Brook has been teaching at Seattle University, researching and writing at the intersection of church, society and academy.’ His classic biblical text “Come Out, My People!” God’s Call out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond is a brilliant ground-breaking book that introduces us to his ‘compelling view of two competing religion visions that run throughout the Bible – one of “creation” and the other of “empire” – that have radical implications for the way we understand God, God’s will for us and the way we need to live our lives.’

Wes writes: ‘I am VERY excited to announce the publication of the first videos on the brand-new YouTube channel, “Radical Bible!” After 33 years of studying, teaching and writing on the Bible, I’ve felt a strong call to develop a 21st century, post pandemic means of inviting people into a deep engagement with the stories of our ancestors in faith. With no small irony, the idea developed out of my being forced to teach online all last school year, which led me to develop some basic skills in video production. I found that I could do it and enjoyed it very much!

The other impetus is the existence of more than 100,000 (yes, that’s not a typo) individually typed notes in my 30-year-old Bible software (QuickVerse 4.0) that I don’t want to die with my computer or me. So, I’m starting with four series that will each go through a text verse-by-verse, sharing my notes and other things that a video can allow that a book or article usually cannot.

The first four are:  S1: The Book of Genesis / S2: The Book of Revelation / S3: The Books of Samuel / S4: The Gospel of Luke.

In addition, there are two series “zero” (S0) episodes on the reading method and tools I’ll be using. There will never be any fees or financial costs of any kind to access the videos, so I hope they will be a resource for folks who can’t afford seminary or academic books.’

Wes Howard-Brook

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