Songs In The Key Of Be

This is an extraordinary twenty-five minute recording of a lovely selection of five of my songs, played by a brilliant collection of talented local musicians, at a concert for my sixtieth birthday that was broadcast around Australia a month later by the ABC on Radio National as ‘Songs In The Key Of Be’.

I think you’ll love Andrew Wilcox’s ethereal rendition of ‘Kindness Is My Religion’; Andrew Wilcox and Peter Branjerdporn’s beautiful interpretation of ‘Need Your Mercy’; Peter Branjerdporn and Gaea Chapman’s upbeat presentation of ‘We Believe’; and the full band’s full-on funky performance of ‘Living In Eternity’, featuring Peter Branjerporn and Gaea Chapman on vocals, Andrew Wilcox on keyboards, Steve Drinkall on acoustic guitar, Andrew Kennedy on lead guitar, David Fittell on bass guitar, Paul Young on drums, and Aaron Nebauer on hand drums. And I hope you like the finale with me singing a simple song with my daughter Voni (Ruby) celebrating the life that Ange and I have had together called ‘So Good’:

‘Well we danced in the rain. And we sang in the sun. And we worked for redemption, Till our day was done. When I think of the life that you and I have had together. It could hardly have been better. It’s been good. It’s been so good.’

Dave Andrews

You can find fifty original versions of my songs recorded by ‘Dave Andrews And Friends’ on five albums streaming now on Spotify

The Rhythm Sessions - Dave Andrews & Songs in the Key of Be - ABC Radio National


The Rhythm Sessions – Dave Andrews & Songs in the Key of Be – ABC Radio National

For most of his life Dave Andrews has written music which he describes as ‘not Hill Songs, but Valley Songs, easy-to-sing songs about the joys and sorrows of ordinary people working quietly for love and for justice in the valley of the shadow of death.’ Dave is a church-based community worker who be…

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