Many Christians believe that in an ideal world there would be no Non-Christians.

Dave Andrews

I used to teach a course on Christian community work at a Theological College near here. At the start of the course, I always got students to draw a picture of their ideal community. Not surprisingly many of the Christian students drew a picture of a Christian community with a church with a steeple with a cross on it at the centre of the community.

‘So your ideal community is a Christian community.’ I would observe.

‘Yes’ they would say. ‘It is.’

‘So where is the place in your ideal community for people who are not Christians? I would ask.

‘In our ideal community everyone is a Christian’ they would say proudly.

‘So’ I would say to them, ‘if everyone in your ideal community is a Christian, and you want to work to make this ideal a reality, then the only options for Muslims in your world would be for them to be converted – or be exterminated.

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