Will You Remember the World’s Poorest This Election?

The Poverty Question

Will you remember the world’s poorest people this election?

Questions are important! Unless we ask the right questions, we will never find the right answers.

Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History think the parties and their leaders are forgetting to ask (and answer) THE POVERTY QUESTION. It’s a life and death question for millions of people! So we’re going to ask it for them! If we can mobilise thousands of people on one day toask the same question to the politicians then we can force them to come up with some answers. We need your help!

1. Ask yourself The Poverty Question today!

How can we ask our leaders this question if we’re not asking ourselves? Consider the world’s poorest people when you cast your vote on 21 August. Click here for policy updates from the major parties.

2. Ask your friends The Poverty Question today!

  • Update your Facebook status and profile pic 
    – Click here to ‘share’ The Poverty Question on Facebook. Or copy and paste this as your status:
    “Will you remember the world’s poorest people this election? www.micahchallenge.org.au/thepovertyquestion”
    – Click here
    to download The Poverty Question profile pic
  • Tweet The Poverty Question to your friends 
    – Click here to ‘share’ The Poverty Question on Twitter, or copy, paste and tweet this:
    “Will you remember the world’s poorest people this election? http://bit.ly/9cyolU #ausvotes”
  • Email your pals The Poverty Question
    Click here to download email text

3. Come back this Wednesday 11 August and raise The Poverty Question to our leaders

Join thousands of others this Wednesday for a day of action to see The Poverty Question make it onto the political agenda!

COME BACK to this site this Wednesday 11 August and find all you need to tweet and/ or email the party leaders as well as the candidates in your electorates with The Poverty Question.

An Election initiative from Micah Challenge Australia and Make Poverty History
(Authorised by John Beckett for Micah Challenge Australia, Level M, 134 William St, Potts Point, 2011)

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