US Tour In November 2015.

I am finalising my trip to the US in November to visit groups interested in the issues I raise in my book The Jihad of Jesus.
My plan is to fly out Nov 6 morning from Brisbane to Detroit stay in Detroit Nov 6-9 to take part as a special Christian guest in the Islamic Organization of North America, IONA Conference with Robert Shedinger and Steve Mustapha Elturk and meet Imam Qazwini at the Islamic Center of North America; then fly to Boston Nov 10 morning stay in Boston Nov 10-12 and meet with some of Craig Considine’s contacts; then fly to Raleigh Nov 12 morning, stay in Raleigh Nov 12-15 and meet with Jeff Burns and Mark Sijander and their contacts; then fly to Seattle Nov 15 evening, stay in Seattle Nov 16-18 and meet with Wes Howard-Brook, Bill Clark and their contacts; and fly to LA Nov18 evening, stay in LA Nov 18-20 and meet with Jude Tiersma-Watson’s contacts; and then fly back to Brisbane Nov 21.
If you live in or nearby these places and would be interested in meeting, hosting a conversation and/or promoting this visit please email me at with your contact details.

Dave Andrews

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