Servants: Re-Imagine Internship – Live Prayerfully In A Slum With The Poor

The Re-imagine Internship is a fresh format within Servants, and we offer it annually within different Asian mega-cities. It runs anywhere from 4-6 weeks and comprises a structured group briefing at the beginning, an immersion experience in the middle weeks, and a group debriefing at the end. The internship is designed so you learn through experience. After a time of preparation and guidance, you will join a host family in the slum for the next month. You will be encouraged to enter your new community with open eyes, ears, and hearts, with the hope of seeing where Jesus is working within your new surroundings. You will eat with your host family, sleep in their house, help prepare meals, follow them around the neighbourhood, and smile when you don’t understand what they’re saying. After your home stay we will come back together for a time of debrief. We will share our joys and our sorrows, and reflect on the beauty and the brokenness that we’ve experienced. Through it all, we will be inviting Jesus into our learning process, asking Him to show us how we can use our experiences to be moulded more and more into His image.

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