Love Your Neighbour Truthlab

7pm May 26 2016 Bracken Ridge Baptist Church Brisbane

In an increasingly dislocated and hurried world how can we follow the call of Christ to see His kingdom way of love shape our local communities? And in Australia how do both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians come together to write a new chapter as neighbours united in this love? Join with neighbourhood renewal practitioner and Christian leader Paul Sparks and local Indigenous and non Indigenous practitioners to explore what it means in a 21st century world to truly follow Jesus’ great call to love our neighbours.
Paul Sparks is co-founder of the Parish Collective and the Inhabit Conferences. He has done parish tours and training in over 500 neighbourhoods across North America and is the co-author of The New Parish

Sorry Day Reflection by Brooke Prentis. Performance by Kyle Slabb

Panel includes: Dave Andrews (Waiters Union), and Cathy Delaney (Servants).

Tickets: $10 at door

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